Quarantine (US)


If you really want to know
I am going to draw,
Something bake and drink a tea
Stay at home? It’s ez for me.

If it’s not the same for you
And your window has bad view
Can I give you some advice?
I’ll try to make it nice.

You can watch TV shows, man
Eating at the same time jam.
You have a lot of free time now
Then just relax and just follow.

Follow me, I’ll show the way
Сalm down a little, okay?
You can have fun at home
Even if you’re alone.

Although, of course, this is not true
Because you have the Internet too,
Just like your friends and family
You can contact them very easily.

Difficult times, I understand
But please, don’t leave your land.
I wish you health and patience
I hope you don’t become a patient.

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